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Neroli no Shima

The Essence of Japan’s ‘Citrus Island’

The islands of the Seto Inland Sea are synonymous with delicious citrus, but none more so than the island of Osaki Shimojima - known as Japan’s ‘Citrus Island’.


The first ever Japanese lemon was successfully cultivated on Osaki Shimojima in 1898. The island’s farmers still tend to their groves and produce a mouthwatering variety of citrus fruit. 


The brand ‘Neroli no Shima’ takes its name from the aromatic ‘neroli’ citrus flower. By creating a distillation facility on the island, Neroli no Shima harnesses the island’s fresh citrus to produce its pure essential oils, fragrances and beauty products.

ネロリの島/Neroli no Shima
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