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The Process

Neroli no Shima sources the citrus for its products from Osaki Shimojima and the neighboring island of Osaki Kamijima.


Fruit and leaves begin to deteriorate as soon they are harvested, so reducing the time between picking and distillation is vital for creating quality essential oils. By having its processing facility inside the island and communicating regularly with local farmers, Neroli no Shima ensures only the freshest ingredients enter the distillation process.

When the citrus arrives from the fields, the staff at Neroli no Shima remove the peel by hand. The skin is put through a special steam distillation process to extract the pure essential oil. The rest of the fruit is sent away to be processed into juice.

After thorough research at food manufacturing facilities, the team at Neroli no Shima have calculated the perfect distillation temperature and duration to extract the highest quality natural oils from the peel.

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