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​Osaki Shimojima and Citrus

Osaki Shimojima and Citrus

Osaki Shimojima is part of the Tobishima Kaido island chain south of Hiroshima City. The golden sunshine, pristine waters and mild climate make it perfect for growing some of the finest lemons and oranges in Japan.


The island’s relationship with citrus started in 1818. By 1935, as well as exporting to North America and Europe, this small island provided 40% of all the mikan oranges sold in Tokyo.

The island’s citrus farmers adapted to survive the postwar shift to large-scale agriculture, focusing on quality and diversity over quantity. Now, Osaki Shimojima produces an array of popular citrus varieties including the wase orange, amanatsu citrus, daidai citrus, dekopon orange and their famous ‘ocho’ lemon to name a few.


Neroli no Shima uses citrus peel, flowers, leaves, and juice to create its popular aromatic product range.

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