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Behind the Brand

ネロリの島/Neroli no Shima

In recent years, Osaki Shimojima has encountered the same challenges faced by communities across Japan’s rural regions.

The island’s farming population is decreasing and aging, threatening to derail this historic industry.


Working closely with the local agricultural association, Neroli no Shima embarked on an ambitious project to reinvigorate the farming community. Noticing the mountains of lemon skins discarded after juice production, Neroli no Shima began using the peel to produce essential oils before the lemons were pressed for juice.

In 2016, the company opened the stylish Neroli no Shima Cafe in Osaki Shimojima’s main ferry terminal and installed a distillation facility in the same building.


The cafe provides a much-needed community space, while the distillation facility produces high-quality essential oils from lemons and other locally-grown citrus fruits.

Behind the Brand

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